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Tips for Making Beer at Home

Beer is probably the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. This is because it is so easy to make, and it is very likely that the first time it was created was probably an accident. What this means is that you would easily be able to make beer at home if you so choose. All you are going to have to do is follow the process as strictly as possible. However, no matter much effort you put in, you are going to make mistakes the first few times until you have gotten a little more experience.

Hence, it would do you well to start off with some tried and tested recipes as opposed to trying your own recipes in the beginning. These recipes can be easily found on the internet and they are reliable because people will have used them countless times. The recipe for a standard beer is actually quite simple, and the great thing is that once you get this recipe down you are probably going to be able to start experimenting on your own. After all, you will have the base beer that you can add your own twist to. Once you have the standard beer down, making your own batches is going to become so easy that you will be adding all sorts of flavors and creating newer batches that everyone is going to want to try.

Once you have a little bit of experience, one thing that you can try is changing up when you add the malt to your batch. Most people add the malt at a certain stage and then let the beer ferment which results in a rich, dark malt beer that tastes amazing. However, you can change this up to create a different flavor that would blow everyone’s minds!

What you can do instead is add half the malt at the prescribed time, and then, during the final stage of the boil when you have around a quarter of an hour left before you have to turn the burner off, you can add the rest. This would result in a beer that is of a much lighter color, and one that has a much sweeter taste to it as well. This is a nice change of pace. Essentially, this simple trick can help you make beer that is vastly different from anything you had made before. People will think that you are an expert when really you are just a beginner who is starting to get the hang of how things!

If you really want your beer to taste good, make sure you sanitize all of your equipment before you use it. This is going to help to remove any bacteria that could affect the fermenting process and change the flavor of your final product. One great thing that you can do is get a no rinse sanitizer that would allow you to kill bacteria without having to use any water. Water can add flavor to your beer as well, so this technique is actually pretty great if you want to be as efficient as possible! Now that you have these tips, making beer will be even easier than before.