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Why Homebrewed Beer is the Best

Beer is the best of all alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tastes amazing, far better than the burning acid taste of things like hard liquor or the sour, palate covering flavors of wine! Secondly, it is a much more relaxed drink. You can sip on your beer for hours on end and not get so drunk that you are falling all over yourself. However, if you want to have the best beer experience possible you really need to start brewing it at home. The process is actually quite simple, and listed below are some tips to help you along the way.

Let’s start with the equipment you are going to need. The first piece of equipment that every homebrewer should start looking into is, of course, your brewing kettle. This is the vessel in which the entire process is going to occur, so go for something that has a high purity level so that your beer has the flavors you add to it and no toxic or foreign elements that are beyond your control. Additionally, try your best to get the largest brewing kettle possible. Of course, you are not going to need an enormous commercial scale vessel or anything like that. Just don’t get something too small because you are going to want to start brewing larger batches and you will need the right kind of kettle for that.

A larger kettle is going to end up becoming an unexpected expense in the future, so it is always good to get it over with at the start. After all, you can always brew less beer in a larger vessel, but a small vessel will have you restricted to smaller batches no matter how hard you try to maximize your volume!

Secondly, make sure that you use fresh ingredients. It is always a little tempting to buy large batches of ingredients that are designed to last a long time, but these ingredients tend to have things like preservatives as well as a myriad of other substances and chemicals as well, all of which would seriously hurt the overall flavor profile and purity levels of the beer that you are trying to create.

Another thing that you can do is to chill your wort before you add it to the water in the fermenter. Most people just pour hot wort directly into the water, thinking that the water itself will cool it down. However, this can result in oxygen being added to the mix which can result in unpleasant flavor profiles that would ruin your hard work. Instead of adding the wort to the water, focus on placing the kettle in an ice bath to cool the wort down and then pour it into the water filled fermenting vessel. This would help keep the flavors neutral, thus resulting in your chosen flavor profiles dominating the finished product.

Using these tips you can create batches of beer that are absolutely stunning, and would help your friends have a great time every time they come to your place. After all, everyone wants to consume ice cold beer that has been made in front of their very eyes where they can control how the finished product is going to taste!