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Wine Making

Winemaking at home has thrived alongside home brewing over the past years. Now, elaborate equipment and setups that used to be only accessible to legitimate winemakers are also available for wine enthusiasts who wants to make their own wines in the comfort of their homes or backyards.

Why you should try winemaking at home

Fermenting wine on a small-scale allows wine lovers to be able to experiment with various mixes and fermentation processes in their quest to try out every variation of wine imaginable. With small-scale winemaking, you won’t have to worry much about wasting resources and ingredients as everything is downsized. You’ll be freer to make bolder choices and combinations as you learn along the way.

Small-scale winemaking is also appealing for small winemakers to be able what the market might be into without losing much capital. If you want to break through a niche-market of wine drinkers, you can make small batches of products which you can send out for taste tests.

Opting for small-scale winemaking would also save costs when it comes to owning and operating a large vineyard. You won’t have to worry about the upkeep costs of vineyards as small-scale winemaking has been proven to thrive as a business from making products from buying ingredients instead of growing them.

What you’ll need to start making wine

To start a small winery, you’ll need similar but downsized equipment as you would if you were fermenting wine on the large scale. You’ll most likely only need one of each equipment and maybe a few barrels to store your wine that is in post-fermentation. Meanwhile, large wineries will need hundreds of barrels and multiple machines to keep up with operations. Bottling is usually outsourced to a different operator.